About Me


My friends call me Kitty. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama with my wonderful mother and brother. At Auburn University, I wasn’t too far away from home and my family. While in college, I had the opportunity to be a part of a new, flourishing organization on campus, engaged and influenced local high school students, learned about who I want to be as a leader, and grew as a student, employee, and friend.

After graduating from Auburn University in May 2015, I moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in public relations and communications. I currently work with the intake department at a law firm. I talk to potential new clients for our firm and assist with the marketing department. In this position, I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn more in this field, advance my customer service skills, and grown as an employee.

I love working with people and making ideas come to life. I love learning new things and being thrown into new situations. I’m a very hands-on learner and am excited for the challenges that lay ahead.